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Garage Door Repair Safety Tips Concord

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Read our Garage Doors Safety tips when servicing your own garage door!

One of the primary reasons such a large amount of our past customers come back to us is because once we've finished a garage door repair, installation, or replacement job for them, their garage doors work flawlessly. You have to remember however, that your garage door probably weighs well over a hundred pounds, and it takes a lot of stored tension to life it. These circumstances can lead to serious potential dangers for both children and adults alike. Due to this, we've created these garage door safety tips for our Concord customers to help with basic garage door safety:

  • If you notice your garage door springs or cables are falling into disrepair, please do not try to replace or repair them yourself. These garage door springs are under a large amount of pressure and if handled incorrectly, could leave you or anyone else around you with severe and debilitating injuries. So if your springs appear to need replacing, call Valuemax ASAP.

  • Also please be sure not to remove the bolts from the brackets on the bottom of your garage doors. These brackets connect to the entire spring system which, as we said before, is under incredibly high levels of stress. If your garage door's bottom brackets or screws are broken or loose, make sure you call Valuemax.

  • Always make certain that children aren't playing with the garage door, the garage door opener, or even the wall switch for the garage door. Your garage doors open with a lot of force and if weight happens to be shifted incorrectly, the child could be seriously injured. So please make sure your kids know that the garage area is not a place for them to be playing.

  • You can also use the garage door inspection sheet we at Valuemax have created for you to perform basic routine monthly maintenance on your garage door. Also make sure that you're lubricating the rollers and hinges of your garage door when necessary.

If it seems to be time for you to have more serious repairs done on your garage door than basic monthly maintenance requires, make sure you call the garage door repair specialists at Valuemax Garage Door Repair Concord. We're proud to serve our local community as well as other communities surrounding it. So for garage door repairs, replacement, or installation services for your Concord home, call us today, locally at (925) 271-2903 or toll-free (866) 575-9050.

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