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Most residents of Concord are capable of handling the repairs their properties need on their own. Some repairs however, such as garage door repairs, should really be left to the professionals like the technicians at Valuemax Garage Door Repair Concord. This rings especially true if the repairs your garage door needs has to do with the springs or cables, as they can be incredibly dangerous to work with. So make sure that you call Valuemax Garage Door Repair for any of the more complex garage door repairs that your home or business may require. We have however, provided a list of monthly, routine garage door maintenance that homeowners should be able to take care of on their own:

  • Locks: Make sure that the lock of your garage door is working the way it should, though please make sure not to force it. If you do try to force it, you may end up breaking the key off in the cylinder. What you can do however, is spray a graphite-based lock lubricant into the lock, the begin to gently work it. If you notice that the lock begins turning freely but still doesn't lock, you'll probably need to check the lock bars inside the door to be certain they're properly aligned.

  • Look for Loose Bolts: If you come across any loose bolts, make sure that they're tightened. Always remember however, that you need to be careful around the spring assembly bracket bolts located on the bottom of your garage door.

  • Lubricate Rollers and Hinges: Making certain that the rollers and hinges of your garage doors are lubricated can really help to keep your garage door working correctly.

  • Exterior Maintenance: Make sure that you touch up the paint or stain on your garage door when it seems to need it. This applies especially if you have a wood garage door, as re-staining/painting it when it needs it will help to not only preserve the garage door itself, but also keep it in top working form.

If you would like to view a more thorough list of possible maintenance one can perform on their own, please feel free to look at the garage door inspections sheet we've created for the local residents of Concord. Again, make sure that you call us ASAP if you discover that it's time to replace your garage door springs, as that can be incredibly dangerous. So for any of your garage door related needs, make sure you call Valuemax Garage Door Repair Concord today, locally at (925) 271-2903 or toll-free (866) 575-9050.

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